Photographers Night. The voice of cameramen and women. Saturday March 4, 2017

4 March, 2017
Flatland Gallery, Amsterdam

On Saturday 4 March, 2017 four photographers were invited at Flatland Gallery to share insight into their own working practice and experience within their work field, giving collectors and other invitees access to some poignant moments.

The cameramen and women participating were: Katharine Cooper, Martin Usborne, Desiree Dolron and Jeroen Robert Kramer .

The interviews can be seen online via these links:

1st Panel discussion: Katharine Cooper & Martin Usborne

Martin Usborne

Katharine Cooper

2nd Panel discussion: Desiree Dolron & Jeroen Robert Kramer

Desiree Dolron

Jeroen Robert Kramer

This event was fully booked.



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