Ruud van Empel
9 January - 17 February, 2010

For the first time we may see the early work of Ruud van Empel in a solo show at Flatland Gallery. Work that has never been shown to anyone before. Prints that were never produced; photosketches that were hidden.

There will also be one work dating from 1983, an original handprinted work which is the very first photo artwork he produced.

More important, from January 9 till February 10 we shall witness the surrealistic ground out of which his famous series World and others have been born such as his series The Office. The man and women behind their desks, in front of their mechanized machines, showing off their personal pride in the industrial times of the 20th century, are a delight to look at. They are full of signs of Van Empels need of quietness, his knowledge of digital techniques; here too none of the details really are, yet what they reflect is very real. Vintage is a great experimental appetizer for the grand retrospective at The Groninger Museum for Ruud van Empel in 2011.

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