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Artist Erwin Olaf Honored by upcoming Dutch post PostNL stamps

June 24, 2019

On Sunday 23 June, 2019 the Dutch Postal Service PostNL announced the issue of new stamps that feature 5 of Olaf’s artworks, each represented twice on the 10-stamp sheet. The announcement came as a grand surprise after the premiere of The Legacy (by Michiel van Erp).

The new issues, designed by Rienus Gundel Franciscus, include: Pearls (Squares, 1986), Julius Caesar, † 44 BC (Royal Blood, 2000), Nadia (Paradise Portraits, 2002), Portrait #5 (Hope, 2005) and Portrait of Alex (Palm Springs, 2018).

The Erwin Olaf stamps are being issued per 1 of July but you can already reserve your Olaf stamps now through the Postal Store at and search for Olaf.




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