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Flatland announces representation of Dutch artist Kim Boske

January 17, 2019

Flatland is pleased to announce Kim Boske (1978, Hilversum) joins the gallery.

Director Fiona van Schendel: ‘I have wanted to work with her for many years; I enjoy how her images are built up layer by layer, using a collage technique, of different shots in time; the result is so clever. We look forward to sharing Boske’s work with our strong Dutch audience but also with a wider international clientele.”

The multiple of layers in Kim Boske’s (1978 b., Hilversum, The Netherlands) photographic images seem to be holding, one layer upon the other, merging and intertwining, simultaneously different moments in time. Forming one harmonious image in its entirety, these images of the ‘now’, composed of different visual fragments lost during passing of time, reveal a phenomenon that is impossible to see or witness with the naked eye.



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