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SOLO/DUO – PROJECTIONS – Alice Browne / Pinar & Viola

January 10, 2020

For FLATLAND’S presentation at Art Rotterdam the gallery presents: Young Female Artists.

The [sacred – metaphysical and supernatural] magic of life

dealing with the magic of life.

Subject: Hunger to question our origins

Earth, what lies under. Alice Browne.

Earth, a vessel of human experiences, where life is understood as a holographic visual reality. Pinar & Viola

It is no coincidence that young female artists are breaking in on ‘big’ discussions such as technology, artificial intelligence, existence, the wealth of the earth, natural resources. All systems need creators and visionaries to reinvent itself, to suggest alternatives and to liberate us from the limitations of a system and its defined borders. With their critical standing point Pinar & Viola and Alice Browne provide these new visions.

These female artists are fascinated with the Magic of Life and look at vulnerable subjects as nature, our identity, our origins. Not just we ask how far back can we go and when did art start, but also they convey the idea of a universal human who existed before.

For artist duo Pinar & Viola the idea of more technology and artificial intelligence is a tool to associate more with magic and to reconnect with the magic of life. The intangible qualities of technology is exactly what makes it a bridge for the embrace of the metaphysical in the collective consciousness. In the video artwork by Pinar&Viola “Panspermia” is the scientific hypothesis that human DNA evolved from alien DNA delivered to earth through an asteroid crash, billions of years ago – most possibly from Mars.

For Alice Browne the same illusional entities are at work in her research in our relationship to earth, discovery and ownership. In some of her paintings her memories of cave visits are woven.

When we are in a prehistoric cave we feel connected to our origins. We want to touch the cave to physically connect, but are not supposed to. We desire to take a bit of it away with us and own a piece. Profiting and sharing, plunder of land and its precious metals and minerals, Browne questions the supernatural that occurs in these acts. Identity issues are subconsciously formed by Yin-Yang’s from cheap bong shops or colored halos which reinforce the balance between heaven and earth or good and bad, yet Browne questions the usefulness of these ideas and adornments in the search for self –enlightenment..

As young women who positioned themselves in the center of the cultural zeitgeist, they try to know our true selves and expand our consciousness.

Pinar & Viola (Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate) are both former students of Sandberg Instituut.

Alice Browne (b. 1986, Oxford) studied at Fine Art Painting at the Royal College of Art, London.



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