Rozzano (2019) preview

Rozzano (2019)

Paolo Ventura

Edition of 5 + 1 AP

Collage, acrylic paint and photographs on Fedrigoni quadrex paper 508g

Size 71 x 101 cm

Price including framing costs and VAT


Rozzano (2019) is part of Paolo Ventura’s newest series Grazia Ricevuta 2020 

The work is inspired by EX VOTO presented in Italian chapels, but represents miracles much more surreal and strange with the same powerful narration than an original Ex Voto.

Paolo Ventura (1968, Milan, Italy) is famous for his inventing stories. Like all good storytellers, Ventura was raised on them and appears to have a natural gift for narrative. Each of his pictures holds its own little mystery, a concoction of atmosphere, character and detail that urges for closer examination. Ventura, like a true master illusionist, makes things disappear in front of our eyes. Death and vanishing are recurring themes in his work. He explains it as an omnipresent “fear of losing someone he loves”, which he translates onto his photographs.

Ventura exhibited in the Italian Pavilion of the 2011 Venice Biennale. He had a solo show at the Armani Museum in 2018.


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