Untitled (2016)

Jakup Ferri

From the series Muscle Memory

Cross-stitch, cotton

102 x 145 cm


Courtesy of Andriesse-Eyck Gallery, Amsterdam

The work of Kosovar artist Jakup Ferri (1981, Prishtina) is characterized by simplicity and directness, portraying people in their isolation, alienated from their surroundings. Ferri found his artistic voice when being isolated as an art student from the Western world because of the Kosovo War. Under a veil of tenderness, his naive drawings, mosaics or textiles relate to the feeling of being lost and a desire to belong. The questions of belonging have also driven him to work with local craftsmen and women. The idea of cultural heritage that he finds in the local output, weighs heavy for him, just as folk art and naive oriented painters for their authentic and personal connection with the village, the country, the soil. Ferri’s persona’s and little objects in often fresh colours with light lines feel as if they float, in the paper, in the textiles, yet they never seem abandoned.


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