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Portrait of Pinar&Viola

“The more technology becomes virtual, the more it becomes associated with magic. We see technology and artificial intelligence not only a natural step in the progress of humanity but also a tool to reconnect the modern man with the sacred magic of life. 

For us, the intangible qualities of technology is exactly what makes it a bridge for the embrace of the metaphysical in the collective consciousness.” 

PINAR & VIOLA, Amsterdam, May 2019


“May our creations grow in their ultimate way, serving the highest good of all that exists and does not exist.”

All creations contributes to the collective consciousness.

Tainted minds create tainted works, contaminating the collective consciousness.

As artists, and first and foremost, as human beings, our ultimate mission is to elevate ourselves from the duality of negative and positive and reach a level of purity where we express love and divinity through contemporary works.

As two young women who positioned themselves in the center of the cultural zeitgeist, our raison d’etre is to get to know our true selves and expand our consciousness. That is the reason why, our creations become not the end goal of our existence but a tray of witnesses to our always expanding consciousness levels.

With each creation, we contribute to the positive side of duality through radical goodness and positivity, which we consider as the ultimate form of true anarchy.

We are driven with a never ending passion to understand the holographic visual reality we call life in all its glory, with its hidden patterns, symbolism, mysticism and mythology.

Our fuel comes from our relentless curiosity and love for experimentation.

We do not just receive knowledge but are driven with a willingness to question it. This creates the magic potion for our more and more fluid reality as an artist/designer duo.

As Pınar, and as Viola, we are multicultural and cross-disciplinary. This état d’esprit, this fluidity, is reflected in all our forms of self expression. The way we talk, the way we dress and the way we create.

We infuse goodness and love into the collective consciousness through traditional and non-traditional forms of art.

Our works are exhibited in galleries, museum and enter in the collections of collectors. Meanwhile, we use the distribution channels of world leading brands as surfaces to carry our visual messages of unconditional love and deep peace.

This “unlimited” ideology is the outcome of our fluid reality, liberated from the limitations of a system and its defined borders. 

All systems need creators and visionaries to reinvent itself, to suggest alternatives.

“In our reality led by visuals, aesthetics is the currency.”

We all play a role, and the role of an artist is to inspire imagination.

Hence, we use the power and charm of visuals to create allure and desire for a unified, prosperous and conscious future.


Pinar & Viola (Amsterdam, The Netherlands/Istanbul, Turkey) Pinar&Viola, former students of Sandberg Instituut, Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate, are artists, digital artists obsessed by visuals. They thrive in understanding the human condition and translate it as prints, patterns, videos, holograms, experiences which idealize new ways of being more healthy, constructive, inclusive and peaceful. Their artworks are often engaged with latest technologies where they develop smart, playful and artistic ways to create emotional engagements with the user. They, mix, mingle and reinvent new images, icons, idols, sensations images which set the fashion of today’s visuals. Coming from an anarchist community of fairyland they have a critical standing point which they express often in a sensually visual and fun way, that will generate reactions in the mind of the viewer on his identity for example. It’s wrapping paper for awareness.

The artist duo regularly launches collections about the future of pattens and visuals, the way fashion designers do with clothing. Their have exhibited in and partnered with museums including New Museum NY, Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Gleichapel in Paris. Meanwhile they do surprising collaboration and make custom tailored visual experiences for world leading brands, people and events in culture including Google, IKEA, Nike, Adidas, Diplo, Koché, MTV and Amsterdam Fashion Week. Their work is acquired by Stedelijk Museum,Amsterdam, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich and Museum of The Image, Breda. They receive the support from the Mondriaan Fonds.

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