CHANGE – For the Art Association in Beirut is an exhibition curated and organized by Lavinia Schimmelpennick, and hosted by FLATLAND. For the Art Association is a Swiss NGO that has been helping traumatized children and teenagers in Lebanon through Art Therapy.

When its port exploded the 4th of August, all eyes were turned on Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Following this disastrous events and devastating consequences on a country already on its knees, emergency initiatives were taken to provide medical needs, food, crisis support, help for displaced families, rehabilitation of homes and more.

Yet, thousands of people are suffering from psychical trauma. The charity For The Art Association, receives daily more and more cases who need psychical help. Financial support is needed.

To raise funds around 15 artists across Europe have been selected by Lavinia Schimmelpennick to donate one or two art works. Many of these artists are considered in the world of international fashion as highly valued professionals. Others have started their careers and have been selected because of the earnest quality of their work.

Lavinia Schimmelpennick was head communication and marketing at Mugler.

Coming up: The list of artists will be published soon.

The selected works for donation will be exhibited at FLATLAND in the near future. Proceeds of the acquisition of the artworks will be donated for 100% to the NGO “For the Art Association” in Beirut.

More information on the For the Art Association can be found on the website:

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