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Giovanna Petrocchi – TPG New Talent 2019


Giovanna Petrocchi won The Photographers Gallery New Talent Award in 2019. In this video, Giovanna explains her working process and her approach to photography.

Giovanna Petrocchi combines personal photographs with found imagery and hand-made collages with 3-D printing processes. She creates imaginary landscapes inspired by surrealist paintings, virtual realities and ancient cultures. Influenced by museum displays and catalogues, Petrocchi populates these landscapes with her own collection of surreal artefacts. The received view of ancient objects is deliberately distorted.

Petrocchi’s sources are predominantly online museums’ collections, images scanned from books and photographs of ancient objects taken by the artist. A recurring theme in the work is a combination of futuristic and primordial scenarios and an interchange between digital and traditional processes.

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