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The Making of the Galjoen, Jasper de Beijer


For Dutch artist Jasper de Beijer the alienated idea of colonialism has been incredibly closely knit within his oeuvre. „Ever since he graduated at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, Jasper de Beijer has been concerned with the question of representation, with the image as an essential element in the construction of history and as a vector for mythology and cliché”, writes curator Raphaëlle Stopin in Jeu de Paume, Magazine.

One of his most recent works comes from his series ‘The Admiral’s Headache’. Doing research on Curaçao in 2019, De Beijer was startled how meticulously mechanised the Dutch colonial system operated in order to impose order and profit. Remnants of Dutch 17th century architecture of the Dutch, still standing on landmark sites, show off their bright colours. The architecture is of a typical Dutch mansion, like ornamented bunkers overseeing the former plantations, where the African people held in slavery were working. “The interior of these Curaçao-mansions were a copy of typical Dutch farm interiors; as if they locked up the Dutch culture inside the walls, like a cultural hub or cocoon”, says De Beijer.

De Beijer imagined the whole colonial system as an alien invasion on the island. In the final images of ‘The Admiral Headache’ the colonialists become hidden players, only present behind their facades, their empty uniform costumes in the museums in Curaçao or the Dutch forts attacking invisible ships of different European origin.

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