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A sensitive portrait of Valérie Belin published in Le Figaro – Art de vivre

October 21, 2022

Métamorphoses du réel, by Valérie Duponchelle, 2022
In Le Figaro, a portrait of artist Valérie Belin is published done by Valérie Duponchelle.
“the French artist has a magical knowledge that transforms women into statues and brings their thoughts to life in a stream of superimposed patterns. Behind these fleeting visions, a long gestation that mixes photography and pictorial work.
.>>Belin “…The stereotype is my cornerstone. In the 2000s, I took into account the virtualization of the world and the digitalization of photography. Since, my subjects have become more virtual, less physical. I want that the psychology of the character comes to the surface in these superimpositions and these coded postures. As if the very expressive make-up of the models were a
metaphor for their thoughts”. <<
To read the whole interview please click on this link.



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