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“Things Matter” at The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

May 24, 2021

From the 22th of October 2021 till the 20th of February 2022, Hendrik Kerstens, represented by Flatland Gallery, will participate in the exhibition by The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart “Becoming Famous. Peter Paul Rubens” with a selection of works.

The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart strives to constantly create interesting dialogues between the works in its own collection – which spans the range from medieval panel paintings to contemporary positions – but also as a part of special exhibitions, and to think across epochs and genres in the process. Parallel to the exhibition “Becoming famous. Peter Paul Rubens”,  a presentation of contemporary photography, which will take place under the title “Things Matter” in the Graphics Cabinet of the Staatsgalerie.  Interested in today’s view of the “Old Masters”, which promises revealing confrontations, especially in the examination of the portrait, respectively the historical robes and costumes, as well as their significance for the sitters. What role does the individual play in such stagings? How do we think in 2021 about the representational claims of past eras? What significance do “things” have in today’s society, which on the one hand indulges in unrestrained consumption and on the other tries to turn the ecological tide in order to declare war on the impending climate catastrophe?



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