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David Verbeek joins Flatland Gallery

April 13, 2016

Flatland is very pleased to announce representation of David Verbeek (1980), Dutch filmer and photographer, whose highly impressive and topical film ‘Full Contact’ is shown in its art edition as part of the exhibition ‘Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists’ in EYE, Amsterdam.

The 9-minute installation, which is featured on two screens simultaneously, is just as unsettling as the feature movie that compares the alienation of drone warfare with the intimacy of physical fighting.

Over the last decade David Verbeek has explored the idea of disconnection between people in his films. Most often these carry a highly contemplative character taking as their subject the solitude and desperation of people in crowded cities such as Shanghai or Taipei.

As his films, Verbeek’s photographs are equally charged with a somewhat dark feel, as if a supernatural realm is lurking beneath, as seen in the work of his admired artists Gregory Crewdson and David Lynch.



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