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Gold plated artist’s wall by Stanislaw Lewkowicz restored

August 20, 2015

Gold plated artist’s wall by Stanislaw Lewkowicz from 1995 at Schiphol Airport is being restored in September and October 2015. The work, a glass wall that holds a mixture of lithographs and photographs of flowers and stretches 4 meters high and 34 meters long, acts as a soft border or barrier between those who arrive in the country and those who stay behind. In the artist’s opinion a wall shouldn’t divide any people any place any where. In the wall an inscription has been made by him stating “ter herinnering aan al die plekken waar we niet heengaan omdat ze niet gezellig zijn” (translation: a reminder for all those places that we will never visit because they aren’t fun), referring to the many neglected and poor regions in the world where tourists and travellers will never come.

For an impression of the work, please click here.



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