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IDFA 2015: A documentary about Jeroen Robert Kramer.

October 20, 2015

24 November 2015
Reception: 8:30 pm
Start film: 9:00 pm
Pathé de Munt, Amsterdam

Jeroen Robert Kramer
The World According to Monsieur Khiar
Directed by Sjors Swierstra

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO MONSIEUR KHIAR a film by Sjors Swierstra premieres at this IDFA 2015

Former Dutch war photographer Jeroen Robert Kramer (Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, Burma and the Philippines) is determined to make a new start as an artist. By doing so he wants to put an end to his traumatic past as a war photographer. In Beirut, where Kramer lives, he meets Monsieur Khiar, a distinguished Libanese gentleman who managed to live through the Lebanese civil war without losing his love for life, for art and for literature. Kramers wants to investigate his life and transform the story of the Lebanese man into a work of art. By doing so Kramer wants to change himself in a better, happier person. But will he be able to follow Khiars path? Can Jeroen Kramer cure himself through the arts?

Work of Jeroen Robert Kramer will be exhibited at Paris Photo 2015.



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