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Johan Grimonprez and Pinar Demirdag at FAKE ME HARD, AVL Mundo

August 12, 2021

Till the 15th of August, FLATLAND represented artists Johan Grimonprez and Pinar Demirdag (Pinar&Viola) will exhibit two cutting edge works at the FAKE ME HARD exhibition in AVL Mundo, Rotterdam.

Johan Grimonprez’s work ‘Blue Orchids‘  shines a light on the dark world of the global arms trade. By interviewing both Chris Hedges, a former war correspondent for the New York Times, and arms dealer Riccardo Privitera, a clear and shocking image of the war industry emerges from two paradoxical perspectives. Both men are tormented by their activities, but where one dedicates his life to the unmasking of lies, the other depends on lies for his very existence. It gradually becomes clear that the arms trade could not exist without human deceit and hypocrisy, driven by greed.

Pinar Demirdag’s ‘Derya Trilogy’  a trained artificial intelligence (AI) based on conversations with her real-life spiritual teacher. Derya cyber-reincarnates as an interdimensional light being, channeling deep wisdom from higher dimensions. By coupling the heart, intuition, and human power of interpretation with the high processing power of AI, technology can help us to both experience and value the untainted nature of creators, dreamers, and visionaries.

This piece was made in collaboration with Feileacan McCormick.



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