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Katharine Cooper solo exhibition in Kunsthal, Rotterdam

June 1, 2019

Flatland is extremely proud of the solo show of Katharine Cooper at Kunsthal Rotterdam.

The photographs in a ‘Journey to the Homeland’ are based upon her own life in Africa. Cooper gives us her personal vision of the white minority in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A subject shrouded in taboo.

Deliberately ignoring the anti-apartheid sentiments, she followed her own intuition, presenting with a mix of dignity and complexity, the lives of those she could have shared. By doing so she achieved an intimate portrait that allows us easily to imagine that we could have shared their same complicated history and background.

In 2013 Cooper was awarded the Photography prize by the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris ‘le Prix de Photographie Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière – Academie des beaux-arts’ for her stunning documentary on the white minority in South Africa, ‘Les Blancs Africains. Voyage au pays natal’. 29 JUNI 2019 – 13 OKTOBER 2019

Kunsthal, Rotterdam




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