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Kim Boske at Centre photographique, Rouen, Normandie, France

May 24, 2019

Centre photographique
25 May – 28 September 2019

We are proud to announce the opening tomorrow of “NOTRE JARDIN” at the Centre photographique Rouen, Normandie with work of Dutch artist Kim Boske. Among other Dutch artists are Diana Scherer and Henk Wildschut (Ville de Calais).

In the exhibition “NOTRE JARDIN” we are directed to the idea of seeing the garden as a piece of soil where cultural, ethical and civic virtues are cultivated. virtues that save the reality of its worst impulses. In the essay ‘Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition’ (2008) by Robert Harrison, the author shares his vision of humanity’s relation to the natural world that is founded on the idea of the finitude.

In Kim Boske’s work nature takes a dominant place since nature continues in ‘time’; it is process, it changes and it is in motion. It passes, but it also comes back.



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