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Kim Boske, NEMESIS at Centre Photographique, Reuen.

March 2, 2022

Saturday, March 12, 2022
4 P.M.
Pavilion of the Botanical Garden, Rouen, Normandy

Kim Boske (Netherlands, 1978) remembers that as a child, fascinated by trees, she dreamed of being able to apprehend them in their entire majesty, with a single glance.

Since she did not have the tools to do this, she would quickly go around them to try to print in her mind the most complete image she could form, the one that would most accurately reproduce the experience she had lived. As an artist, she purposely chose photography to try to concretize this child’s game and make an image of the tree’s noisy and living reality. From the outset, she undertakes, not to record the single moment as photography knows how to do, but to retain in a single image a multitude of shots, a succession of points of view. Their superimposition then unfolds the long time of the discovery of a landscape and the artist’s journey within it.

Often understood as the reproduction of the appearance of reality, the philosophical notion of mimesis is understood here as the dynamic, the active relationship with a living reality. The exhibition presented in the Jardin des Plantes retraces, in a selection of key works from her different series, the career of an artist who has never ceased to challenge the representation of this relationship. It is indeed what is whispered on the surface of the image, the story of the experience of looking at the natural thing she has chosen to explore – forest at the end of the world, neighbor’s garden, wild waterfall or wise bouquet. In this journey through time, she takes us to Japan, her most recent field of experimentation, where she extends the experience by immersing her time images in indigo baths, inviting us to literally look beyond their surface.


Exhibition until May 1st 
Free admission
Wednesday to Sunday, 1 P.M. to 6 P.M.
Pavilion of the Botanical Garden 
114 ter avenue des martyrs de la Résistance
76100 Rouen, Normandy
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Above : Kim Boske, Amagoi no taki 4, 2018. Photography, handmade washipaper, dyed in natural indigo at Awagami factory, Kamiyama, Tokushima, Japan




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