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Kim Boske solo show at Yoriiza Theater, Kamiyama, Japan

August 18, 2022

From August 16th Kim Boske‘s new solo exhibition ‘内と外 ( Insight Outsight)’ will open at the Yoriiza theater in Kamiyama


The exhibition shows the work done by dutch artist Kim Boske during her residency at Kamiyama Air in Japan, showing the newest work by the artist framed in a very unique way. The washi paper prints are mounted into ‘shoji’ screens, traditional japanese structures meant to be doors and windows, this way of framing allows Boske to show both sides of her work, creating a unique way of showing photography.


Special thanks to everyone who made it possible to make the show in such a short timeframe.

With a special thanks to Kamiyama Air, Keiko Kudo, Watanabes Japan, Takashi Otoyama, Takashi Itoyama, Naoki Fujimoto, Daisuke Motohashi 


Photos courtesy of Masataka Namazuありがとうございます


Images: Kim Boske, 2022, washi paper mounted on shoji screens, various sizes. 


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