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Large exhibition Hendrik Kerstens in Museum Hilversum

February 7, 2023

Saturday 8 April sees the opening of a large solo show of Hendrik Kerstens organized by Museum Hilversum.

The exhibition “Hendrik & Paula Kerstens: Self – Reflective” will revolving around Dutch culture that has its socio-cultural roots in the period of the Dutch Republic of the 16th century (a golden age due to the Baltic trade). Kerstens photographs include references such as down-to-earth forms of headwear, from a napkin, a wet towel, spheres of lace to folded aluminium foil, recalling how daily life has always been an integral subject of art, whether in the 17th or in 21st century.

A catalogue including all works by Hendrik Kerstens will be published with the exhibition.

The exhibition is curated by Maartje van den Heuvel, Curator of Photography at Special Collections, Leiden University.

(The opening is on April 8th by invitation).



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