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Large solo show Kim Boske in Japan

May 22, 2020

In 2021 Kim Boske will have a large solo show at the Museum of Modern Art, Tokushima. Since 2018 the young Dutch artist visited many times Japan, an interest that began with her residency at KAIR (Kamiyama Artist in Residence) in Tokushima when she created a series of unique indigo-blue waterscapes; collages of photographs printed on handmade Washi paper that she dyed in natural indigo.

This labour intensive indigo dyeing is a fading craft in Japan. Ingo leaves are stirred and sprinkled with water for months, which makes an indigo vat a living organism on its own. This ‘animism’ results in the serene quality of the indigo: a specific depth of colour, rich range of blues and an ever-diverse gradient outcome.

The involvement of centuries-old production techniques, layering of the paper and the organic nature of the indigo, contributes to Boske’s multi-perspective view on contemporary photography. Her attempt to captivate space and time within one image, transcends the imagery itself: it asserts its meaning into the unique way of producing the image as well.

The museum of modern art, Tokushima (South East of Japan)



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