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Martin Usborne, Martin Parr, William Wegman and others in The Pet Show, Fotografiska

August 29, 2021

Hand against paw, skin against fur, human and their pet, is an inseparable bond; our production of the hormone oxytocin increases in the same way when we pet our dog as when a mother nurses her baby.

Reason why Jessica Jarl, Director of Global Exhibitions Fotografiska, wanted to pay tribute to these creatures and show their presence in our visual culture that extends far back in time such as classical paintings with dogs and their masters, depicted to symbolize status, protection, loyalty and love.

All participants in alphabetic order: Akseli Valmunen, Areca Roe, Carli Davidson, Dolly Faibyshev, Elliott Erwitt, Gerrard Gethings, Heather Phillipson, Hellen van Meene, John Hiltunen, Kari Bjorn, Leila Jeffreys, Lisa Strömbeck, Martin Parr, Martin Usborne, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Pet Performers (Video VICE), Ralph Hargarten, Robert Bahou, Robin Schwartz, Sage Sohier, Sandy Skoglund, Sophie Gamand, Tim Flach, Visarute Angkatavanich, Walter Chandoha, William Wegman and Winnie Au.

The Pet Show / 21 October 2021 – February 13, 2022 / Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden /

Curated by Jessica Jarl, Director of Global Exhibitions




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