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Paolo Ventura for the Regio in Torino

August 30, 2016

From 11th – 22nd January 2017, for eight performances, the Teatro Regio of Torino presents a new staging of Pagliacci, by Ruggero Leoncavallo. The opera with strong colours and passion to the point of igniting jealousy, is read and interpreted by Gabriele Lavia, one of the most significant actor and director of the last forty years and who will be for the first time at the Regio as a director. The orchestra conductor for this production is Nicola Luisotti, artist of international career and the current Music Director of the San Francisco Opera House. Pagliacci is based on a singing quartet, that both from the musical and dramatic point of view, creates a small theatrical universe. For the occasion, the cast includes: Erika Grimaldi, Fabio Sartori, Roberto Frontali and Juan José de Leόn. The sets, costumes and video are by Paolo Ventura, who places the opera in the post-war reconstruction years, a call to the colors of neorealism; a true exercise in style that Ventura, a contemporary art photographer among the most recognized in the world, has been able to put together poetic and essential images.

For reservations and tickets for the opera follow this link: Teatro Regio




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