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July 29, 2021

From 27th August till 18th of September.

POLYPTYQUE THE EXHIBITION – Centre Photographique Marseille

In 2021, the Polyptyque fair is initiating a new dynamic by offering a panorama of contemporary photography in the form of an exhibition. Through the work of ten international artists, supported by their European galleries, she presents different fields of current exploration of the medium, from documentary fiction to questions of materiality and the network image.

Represented by FLATLAND, Pinar&Viola will be present with their work ‘Mother Earth’

Mother Earth (2015) is an art installation by Pınar&Viola shown in Gleichapel Gallery in Paris, as part of ArtCOP21, the art events surrounding the ecology summit COP21. The exhibition features an installation that unveils revamped, contemporary, environmentalist messages of peace.

Their highly aesthetic, visual activism offers an irresistible invitation for a more truthful and humane future. Through a video installation, the main protagonist in the video, ‘Mother Earth’ reveals her grace and wisdom on a screen surrounded by stylistic and conceptual imagery depicting healing plants. This methodology celebrates the value and wisdom of these plants, seeing them as humankind’s ultimate natural remedy.

In 2021, Marseille photography fair initiated a new dynamic by presenting a curated panorama of the medium. The exhibition gathers the work of ten international artists, supported by their european galleries, exploring current issues in the field, from materiality and fiction in documentary to the networked image.

The show will include works by Clare Strand (Parrotta, Kohln), Federico Clavarino (Viasaterna, Milan), Max Pinckers  (Sofie van de Velde, Antwerp), Gloria Oyarzabal (Rocio Santa Cruz, Barcelona), Victoria Marques Pinto (Black Box Project, London), Sébastien Arrighi (Myo, Mougins), Pinar & Viola (Flatland, Amsterdam) et Laurence Aëgerter (Binome, Paris), and Rachel de Joode (Christophe Gaillard, Paris).



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