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STEDELIJK MUSEUM BREDA hosting solo show Ruud van Empel 2023

January 2, 2023

With great excitement we are looking forward to the large solo show of Ruud van Empel at the Stedelijk Museum Breda, scheduled for 13 May till 24th of September 2023. Seeing again his world famous series World against todays backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement, the work of Van Empel carries more weight than ever. His intent behind the creation of these World series in the early 2000s was that of bringing to the fore the underrepresentation of black children in works of art during Western history. Other subjects that will be given much attention in the show is Van Empel’s background of creating the ironic tongue in cheek TV sets for the innovative independent public broadcasting company VPRO. A third line we can follow in the show will be his record of creating digital landscapes through a marriage between unprecedented digital techniques and simple photographs of true nature. Nationally and internationally the road for a new future is precisely this convergence between technology and society and technology and our natural habitat.



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