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Stelios Karamanolis in anniversary show of Museum of Modern Greek Culture, Athens

September 12, 2018

Flatland is very proud that Greek artist Stelios Karamanolis has been invited with other artists to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the Museum of Modern Greek Culture (MELT), Athens. Among artists is conceptual artist Tula Plumi. In 2018 the MELT celebrates its 100th anniversary. Over the past 100 years the Museum has evolved, creating a grid of culture venues in the greater area of Plaka. A new permanent exhibition is to be housed in the Monastiraki area, an entire 19th century neighborhood. The presentation of the Museum’s history and collection policy will focus on the importance of the Modern Greek cultural heritage by giving meaningful substance to narratives that were silenced and ignored as of non-importance, reshaping thus the cultural map of the city.

More info: > MELT, Athens



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