Hendrick Kerstens – Golden Cake Hat preview

Hendrick Kerstens – Golden Cake Hat

Hendrik Kerstens

With pride FLATLAND announces the new work by Dutch artist Hendrik Kerstens (1956) entitled “Golden Cake Hat”.

“Golden Cake Hat” derives from Old Master paintings showing baroque hats for women as seen in the work “Girl in a Large Hat” by Caesar van Everdingen, c. 1645 – c. 1650, in the collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. To use authentic forms such as the 17th century Dutch headgears in Old Master pieces is for Kerstens an exciting starting point for a dialogue between history and contemporary life and between painting and photography.

Kerstens is a state-of-the-art perfectionist, who takes nothing for granted. Amazing amount of time and study is given to the background of the work as to the actual process itself. Just this one work, this photowork, consists of a multitude of carefully taken perspectives, stitched together into one perfect outcome. In Kerstens’ search to absorb and renew the artistic tradition, he is trying to recreate and reinterpret our visual culture.

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