Moving Flowers #1

The work Moving Flowers #1 by Kim Boske was published on Saturday 30th May on the frontcover of Dutch newspaper Het Parool as part of the HOU VOL (“Keep Faith”) series, a tribute of the newspaper all of those who have to cope with the devastating effects of Covid-19.

About Moving Flowers: in the midst of our global communal quarantine, Boske returned to her studio and archive to create new work that resonates in this current moment. Her new work is a ‘collaboration’ between 17th century Master Paintings, freshlyfound weeds and meadow flowers, and the circulation of natural indigo fermentation in the shape of a flower. 

Moving Flowers #1

Pigment print

60 x 45 cm

Edition of 7

Available edition: 5/7

price: € 4.500,- incl. framing and Dutch VAT



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