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Rob Hornstra

First Edition
2009Photography by Rob Hornstra
Text by Arnold van Bruggen
White folio with stitched binding
40 pages, 20 colour photographsSize: 
24 x 32 cm
Publisher: Rob Hornstra
Print run: 350

The coastal strip on the Black Sea around the subtropical resort of Sochi (Russia) has for decades been famous for its sanatoria. During the Soviet era, millions of workers were sent to one of these sanatoria annually to revive their spirits and strengthen their bodies. Today, the sanatoria are still fully booked year round mostly with elderly or disabled Russians. In the run-up to the Olympic Winter Games in 2014, almost all the sanatoria will be converted into luxury hotels. There is no place for sentimentality when it comes to the past. Sanatorium is an ode to these Soviet strongholds, revealing a deep-seated love for spas that is firmly embedded in the Russian soul.

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