Erwin Olaf

Palm Springs, American Dream, Self-Portrait with Alex II (2018)
Fine Art Print
60 x 107 cm
Troy - Grief (2007)
Lambda print
133 x 100 cm
Barbara Scene - Grief (2007)
Lambda print
100 x 177.8 cm
Caroline -Grief (2007)
Lambda print
, 133 x 100 cm
After the Bushfire, Portrait (2018)
Fine Art Print
119 x 89.4 cm, 75 x 56.4 cm
Caroline Scene (2007)
Lambda print
, 100 x 177.8 cm
Reclining nude 07 (2015)
Lambda print
23 x 35 cm, ,
Pearls (1988)
Lambda print
37.5 x 37.5 cm


Erwin Olaf’s (1959, Hilversum) art visualizes implicitly the unspoken, the overlooked, that which typically resists simple documentation. With his aesthetic intuition, Olaf purposely conceals his themes, so that the viewer has to accept the initial concealment in his series. Yet in the end, his unconventional style never fails to deliver dramatic visual and emotional impact. With his attention to detail in lightning and design of the scene, his perfectionism in the composition, together with his passion for flawlessly conceiving scenarios, Olaf vividly captures the essence of contemporary life.

Erwin Olaf has been represented by FLATLAND Gallery since 1987. The Gallery has presented his work at Paris Photo, from the first edition on, since the fair started in 1997.


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