In 2023 the gallery is adapting to its new environment. Co-directed by Fiona van Schendel since 2012, another chapter will be added to FLATLAND's 40 years of history. Fi's goal is to transform the gallery from an international high-profile art gallery into an international project space focused on ethology and art. She will bring a selection of artworks that invite to rethink our relationship between humans and nature, between us and all other life forms and species. Artworks that assist us to engage and become compassionate, and distribute scientific findings to generate knowledge across species and beings. By reassessing the wider natural environment in which all living forms are interconnected, FLAT // LAND hopes to soften the distinction between humans and other species. Fi van Schendel is a member of the international Jury The Spider Awards 2022 and 2023.

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FLAT // LAND will be open during specific days during its presentations. These will be notified under Projects & Presentations. The office can be visited during the week by appointment only.

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Gallery Staff

Fi van Schendel
External staff members: Martin Rogge, Paul Bonnike and Josephine van Schendel. Since February 2024 Mariana Gusso Nickel has joined the gallery.


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