In 2023 the gallery is adapting to its new environment. Co-directed by Fiona van Schendel since 2012, another chapter will be added to FLATLAND's 40 years of history. The past few years Fi has committed herself to studies on behavioural ecology and ethology (animal behaviour) at the University of Wageningen and later in 2023 at the University of Oxford.This interest has resulted in her wish to bridge the knowledge of science to the world of art. Fi's interest for this planet's species and their habitats; of organisms and how they interact with the environment stems from her general curiosity in the survival mechanisms of all animal species. Interested in understanding the functions, causes, development, and evolution of animal behaviour, is key to their survival. Fi's goal is to transform the gallery from an international high-profile art gallery into an international project space focused on ethology. To mark this change, FLATLAND will become: FLAT // LAND. It will no longer hold on to its huge exhibition space at the Lijnbaansgracht 314. Instead, the gallery will have an office-space with a smaller viewing-room in Amsterdam Zuid and shall be hosting private exhibitions. Next to this FLAT // LAND will organize exhibitions at museums, institutions and exhibition spaces. The gallery will represent artists for who the territory of fauna is an important issue. It will also present work by invited artists who work in the field of ethology. Fi van Schendel is a member of the international Jury The Spider Awards.

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FLAT // LAND will be open during specific days during its presentations. These will be notified under Projects & Presentations. The office can be visited during the week by appointment only.

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