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FLAT // LAND has become an ambassador of Artis Amsterdam

February 9, 2024

FLAT // LAND has recently become an ambassador of Artis, the Foundation for the Conservation of the Zoo of the Royal Zoological Society Natura Artis Magistra, located in Amsterdam. Artis helps to rescue and preserve animals of endangered species, such as the tiny Hoopoe, adopted by FLAT // LAND.

Hoopoes are known for their black and white striped wings and crest. They range from 26 to 32 centimetres and sometimes weight as little as 47 grams. Threatened by agricultural pesticides, Hoopoes are nearly extinct in Dutch meadows.

For such a tiny bird, the world must take on a gigantic-scale, and even the smallest of threats has to be taken seriously. Which is why the Hoopoe is also known for the smelly mess it makes in its nest to keep all predators away. A mess which, we may say, does justice to the sound of the Hoopoe’s name… 🙂



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