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Leila Jeffrey’s photograph Prudence in the January issue of Marie-Claire France

February 2, 2024

La compagnie des oiseaux: The company of birds

“We can no longer count the scientific studies praising, for example, the companionship of birds. Thus, a report from Scientific Reports revealed a few months ago that seeing or hearing doves, flycatchers or robins improved our mental well-being. Another analysis, signed BioScience, affirmed that the more birds there are in urban neighborhoods, the less we suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.” (trans.)

Leila Jeffreys’ photograph Prudence, Moluccan Cockatoo, courtesy of FLAT // LAND, is featured in the main editorial of the January edition of Marie Claire France, “La compagnie des oiseaux”.

“Prudence” is part of Jeffrey’s series Ornithurae (bird tails in Greek). By bringing together photographs of wild cockatoos with rainforest doves and urban pigeons, the series explores our perception of different bird species. Jeffreys asks us to consider the “company of birds” from a different angle. She shows that a bird associated with the detritus of cities, such as pigeons, also possesses extraordinary faculties, such as the ability to use their sense of smell to navigate complex landscapes.

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