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FLAT // LAND at PARIS PHOTO 9 – 12 NOV 2023

June 30, 2023

FLAT // LAND is proud to present at Paris Photo 2023 its new concept “Open Ness”. By showing how multiple universes are surrounding us simultaneously, FLAT // LAND moves its focus from humankind towards the animal kingdom. Making ethology – the scientific study of the behaviour of animals in their natural environment – a central subject, FLAT // LAND explores how environments are central to the survival of the fauna.

Among artists to be presented at Paris Photo by FLAT // LAND is for the first time French wild life photographer and filmer Vincent Munier (Épinal, 1976). Munier has traveled to the remotest corners of the world to encounter animal species such as the snowy owl, the musk ox, the brown bear, and the wild yak. These phantasmagorical creatures, inaccessible to the average mortal, offer themselves to his lens in their most natural state of being. Often cryptic they have adapted to their own environments. For us humans these convey desolateness and hardship. For the animals its their acceptance of fate.

Munier is one of the most known wild life photographers from France. He just finished his powerful hymn to the land of the snow leopard in Tibet, the film ‘The Velvet Queen” (directed by Marie Amiguet) that was selected for the 74th edition of the Festival de Cannes for its ephemeral selection of films on the environment (Cinema for the climate).



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