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Fugitive Colours

Boske is currently finishing a new series of works, titled “Fugitive Colours”, which will be presented for the first time by FLAT // LAND MIA Photo Fair (10-14 April, Milan), and she shared some of her process.

“Fugitive Colours” are monochromes created with natural pigments made by Boske in Indonesia. After her return to Amsterdam, she continued to apply the Indonesian dye pigments onto her collages of photographs priorly taken during her walks in Icelandic nature.

With the use of natural materials and techniques, each artwork is unique, as they encompass traces of the dyeing processes and present a unique pigmentation that depends on the maturation of the dyes.

“Fugitive Colours” is a reminder of the interconnectedness of nature: the impact of our actions in one ecosystem is streamed into another. Rather than attempting to control nature, we can learn to cultivate symbiotic relations with it, and let it change the ways in which we perceive the interconnectedness of different spaces and times.



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