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Full Contact is a higly impressive and topical film by David Verbeek. The work gives directly an insight into the mental complexities of a drone pilot and how he deals with his in every way disruptive work. The fact that this type of modern warfare keeps him safe and disconnected from his prey, does not minimize the psychological war trauma, on the contrary. When he is confronted with a civilian society that is disconnected with war, the pilot searches for a real hostile environment that fits his state of mind; to feed his haunted soul.

Director: David Verbeek
Writer: David Verbeek

feature film: 105 min.

Producers: Lemming Film
co producers: Nukleus Film (HR), Wild at Art (NL) broadcaster VPRO

Financiers & funds: Netherlands Film Fund, Mediafund, CoBO, VPRO distributor

Best Cinematography at Chicago International Film Festival 2015
Best Actress at Chicago International Film Festival 2015

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