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Experimental film by David Verbeek describing the end of a love-story via choreography and cinema. Starting at the moment of a breakup between a boy and a girl, we separately follow how they cope. The film is about feelings so strong that, in their quest for closure, the emotions overpower reality. In the background the sound of rain in the streets, the honking of cars, the ticking of the clock in the enclosed private space of a car echo what could have been natural sounds such as the sound of the rustle of flapping of wings, the call of the secretive cuckoo bird, water running. Visually the delicate appearance of a few Asian thin plants amidst an unwelcome modern interior with no colour echo the emptiness within. As their relationship ends, figments of character dance their minds struggle, till the breakup is definite and final; the life line between them broken.

Short film, 17 min., 2013

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