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Looking for Alfred (Excerpt)


Written and directed by Johan Grimonprez
© Zapomatik, 2005

I was safe until you guys came along, digging up all those other Hitchcock lookalikes. Now we’ll have to find ways of disposing of them… —Ron Burrage, Hitchcock double

Looking for Alfred weaves an unexpected narrative from Hitchcock’s fifty-year trail of walk-on parts, in which the master himself is pursued by a number of shadowy doppelgängers. Meet Ron Burrage, professional Hitchcock double, caught up in a world of mistaken identity.

Part homage to Hitchcock, part investigation of lookalike culture, Looking for Alfred plays with multi-levelled notions of ‘reality’. Grimonprez’s cinematic twists and turns echo the trademark of the Master of Suspense, but at the same time radiate a quiet and beguiling surrealism reminiscent of that other great modernist master, Rene Magritte.

The project is counterpointed by behind-the scenes video footage of screen tests and auditions in New York, London and Los Angeles which documents Grimonprez’s hunt for the perfect Hitchcock doppelgänger.

A film project by Johan Grimonprez
A Zapomatik / Film & Video Umbrella co-production

In association with Anna Sanders Films, Palais Des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles and the Photographer’s Gallery, London

Made Possible with the generous support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Arts Council England, and the Ministry of Culture, Image/Mouvement (Centre National des Arts Plastiques – Paris)

Additional support from Deitch Projects, Riksutstillinger – The National Touring Exhibitions Norway, Yvon Lambert Gallery, Media Space Inc., Victoria and Productiehuis Rotterdam (Rotterdamse Schouwburg)

Concept by
Daragh Reeves & Johan Grimonprez

Martin Testar

Photography by
Theo Volpatti

Chief Editor
Nicolas Bacou

Dominique Pauwels

Original music
Bernard Herrmann

McGuffin story by
Angus McPhail, from the 1967 Hitchcock-Truffaut interviews

Produced by
Emmy Oost for Zapomatik
Steven Bode for Film & Video Umbrella
Corinne Castel for Anna Sanders Films

Hitchcock look-alikes
José Bouchat
Ron Burrage
Erik Grimonprez
Bruce Ho
Zale Kessler
Roger Swaine

Hitchcock soundalike
Mark Perry

Tippi Hedren
Delfine Bafort

Additional Hitchcocks
David Adler
John Barrett
Simon Fischer-Becker
Stephen Guy Daltry
Peter Mair
Bill Moody
Richard Rycroft
Frank Scantori

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