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Chosen for the selective program of the International Film Festival in Cannes, – Un Certain Regard – , ‘R U There’ is charactarized by its slow pace that is countered by the fast tracks of online gaming by a professional gamer. The brooding film does an excellent job of capturing how videogames are a part of our worldwide lexicon, and how they offer, for some people, a comfortable place to communicate.

Director: David Verbeek
Writer: Rogier de Blok
Producer: IDTV Film (The Netherlands), co-producers Les Petit Lumieres (France), VPRO (The Netherlands)

Film, 83 min, 2009,

Award for Golden Calf for Best Cinematography at Nederlands Film Festival 2010
Award for Best Sound Design at Nederlands Film Festival 2010

Selected for Un Certain Regard, Festival de Cannes, 2010
Nominations Nederlands Film Festival 2010:
Golden Calf for Best Director of a Feature Film
Golden Calf for Best Screenplay of a Feature Film
Golden Calf for Best Editing

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