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Het Gezicht van de A50



LED-screen, 94 x 4 m
2013, Veghel, The Netherlands

Commissioned by municipality Veghel in collaboration with Brabant Centre for Art and Culture (bkkc) and Foundation Art in Public Space (SKOR), The Netherlands.

Lines crisscross the landscape. Visible lines drawn by human hands, such as roads, sometimes follow invisible lines. Along these lines an ethereal energy flow along the earth. On places where these invisible lines intersects places of importance such as holy sides or city’s did arise. The city of Veghel is such a place. Two energy-lines intersect here. One of these lines runs parallel to the highway A50. As a metaphor of the energy-lines and to mark the dynamic, never ending traffic-flow on this intersection, runs high in the air a new line. Like a mirage the line shows a bald, sober and cinematic image of the highway which is also bald, sober and cinematic.

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